• Question: Why does science interest you?

    Asked by XxXOptic_OryxXxX to Anne, Florence, Mark, Neil, Sinead on 8 Nov 2015. This question was also asked by I get no answers, Megan?.
    • Photo: Mark Collins

      Mark Collins answered on 8 Nov 2015:

      It is the study of the fundamentals of life and the universe and we are surrounded by it every minute of every day! What is not to love about that! It is also a huge challenge as we come across so many complex problems but with a great challenge comes a great reward and overcoming those challenges is so very rewarding. I enjoy my work and therefore i do not see it as work! It is my passion and so I feel like I never work a day in my life, how amazing is that!!

    • Photo: Sinead Balgobin

      Sinead Balgobin answered on 11 Nov 2015:

      Science provides us with the questions and answers to everything in our lives! I really love to learn new things, and there will always be new things to learn in science. I like to ask questions and find answers, and be able to debate and discuss my opinions with other people. It also allows you to be really creative: whether you are trying to make a new medicine, find out why people act they way they do or figure out what happens inside a black hole, you always need to come up with creative ideas to answer your questions.

      It’s always different and interesting, which I find really fun.